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The popular trend of 2014 Chanel is along with the start of each big fashion week, hot, but this season we want to buy what is now the most practical problems, this season's essential wardrobe - flower pattern.Whether rural small broken flower, or gorgeous flowers, floral patterns among the brands of qiu dong series one is slightly tall, so halfback, European and American wind, royal elder sister rocks, take sexy course or, almost can find suitable for your brand in such a flower printed sheet is tasted.For right tide female, even if the price of the big unattainable, the inspiration of Chinese dress collocation is worth learning.To see this flower design popular sheet is tasted.
A little boy, girls often imagine they can grow up quickly,Chanel like mother put on beautiful high heels, mei-mei makeup to go out to play on.This fall, the British luxury brands Charlotte Olympia to American classic comic strip "Archie Comics (Archie Comics) for inspiration, the upcoming new set limit to deserve to act the role of series, takes us back to that time is full of tong qu the daydream.
Heart shaped fish mouth, "I am crazy about this guy" slogan, full of comic story of the shoe body, as well as cheerleaders, Betty and fashionistas Veronica's reappearance, let whole series full of ponder, and the design of the high waterproof units, and the royal blue color elements, let these a few item into the ruin of Chanel style restoring ancient ways.Don't want a boring style of people, can try this style of 2013 autumn winters!
Series including shoes and Chanel handbags, sale will be On November 1, 2013, only Colette in Paris fashion store, London's Mayfair, Manhattan, Beverly hills, and On Pedder,, Nordstrom limited release.
Plover case is the classic in the 1950 s, the aristocratic society essential wardrobe in Europe.As early as plover case onto the stage of fashion, is noble elegant vogue evergreens Christian Dior.For decades, fashion, fashionable clipping profile moving towards the minimalist route step by step, people also slowly began to promoting black and white and dichromatic outside neon, but classic is always classic, plover case with its unique and elegant, ups and downs in the fashion tide, never fade.
In the checkerboard after 2013 spring and Chanel summer, autumn/winter 2013, plover case full regression, appeared frequently in the design of each big brand.OL people work every day and the pursuit of fashionable feeling, is a set of plover case of commuter pack in perfect!


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